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MVNavigationGuard - unique in the world! Patent pending. Heavy duty DURABLE steel cable security for TomToms and all other navigation systems with small M2.5 screws at the back.
Thieves can clearly see that it is no use to bash in your windscreen - he wouldn't stand a chance! Simply leave your navigator in place. We even advise you to do this, and prevent thieves from searching for hidden hardware (and cause damage!).
Durable product.
The SKG* certified NavigationGuard is can be reused unlimitedly and is therefore is once-only investment.

Most private car owners wouldn't want such an ugly cable behind his/her front windscreen.
Companies however, having had their cars broken into regularly, no longer care about 'hideous'!

Your delivery includes:
(1) 2 m. long 9.4 mm SKG* cable, black or beige
(2) NavigationClips
(1) top quality padlock with 9 mm. hinge, resistant against manual lock-picking
(1) cable support
(1) special Torx screw driver
(2) mounting screws

Ä 47 excl. VAT and shipping costs
Remark: If you order multiple Guards you only need one (1) key.
Price Ä 41 excl. VAT and shipping costs

Mounting Instructions:
Unscrew the top screws at the back of the navigation system and mount the NavigationClips with the longer screws supplied. Do not screw them on tight! Put the cable through the eyes and attach the other end to a fixed point underneath the passenger seat. Lock the loop by means of the padlock.

( Picture below shows a PC security )

Attach the plastic cable support on the dashboard by means of stick-on tape such that the weight of the cable does not pull down the navigation system and sucker.

Do not throw the original screws and the screw driver away!
You may need them when you are reselling the navigation system, buying a new one, or exchanging the system for a different one in guarantee situations.

Explanation of the pictures:

The NavigationClips mounted

The SKG* 9.4 mm. cable goes through the Clips; the screws are hidden!

Secure the loop to a fixed point by means of the padlock.

The security cable in the truck is CLEARLY visible from the side!

And through the front windscreen.

For the sake of completeness:
Read our information on laptop security for your car as well. Again: by showing thieves that an object can not be stolen you are preventing your car from getting its windscreen bashed in or other damage.

Keep your laptop safe in your car!

€ 195 excl. vat and shipping costs

Stainless steel 2 mm thick, dimensions: 450 x 400 x 150 mm. (W x D x H)
The Laptop Safe is supplied with a 1 m chain (7 mm shackles), 2 padlocks (keyed alike) with 6 mm hard steel double lock hinge and 2 clips.

Durable product


Leave the SS case in sight!! Thieves will see they donít stand a change and wonít smash your windscreen!

Put it on the passenger seat or the back seat. For station cars: leave the truck uncovered.

With the right key the Safe is detached in seconds.

Mulder Vreeswijk BV / / Computerschutz BV
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